Surrobody™ Technology:


Surrobodies™ are the result of Sea Lane’s engineering of the pre-B cell receptor. During normal B cell development, just after V(D)J joining, the surrogate light chain (SLC) serves as the first partner for every newly created heavy chain. The SLC is made up of two proteins, the lambda5 and VpreB. This structure shows that the SLC form a stable structure with the heavy chain:




Our objective in inventing the therapeutic Surrobody was to create a new entity with long half-life and true effector functions that facilitates and simplifies next generation technologies like bi-specificity and drug conjugation.  Our proprietary Surrobody resources consist of the following:



Therapeutic Surrobodies enjoy many beneficial characteristics, including:


- Naturally occurring human protein with ow expected immungenic potential

- Intact Fc region imparts effector function, long serum half life

- Amenable to traditional antibody production and purification technologies


In addition, the Surrobody is ideally suited for bispecific and drug conjugation applications because of the invariant nature of the SLC. Since all diversity for the Surrobody molecule is carried by the heavy chain, the process of creating bispecifics and drug conjugates is far simpler than that of antibodies. Click here to learn more about bispecifics and drug conjugates.


We have successfully employed the ConCIRT Surrobody library and platform to discover and develop our own internal pipeline.  With the guidance of our world-class advisors, we are pursuing programs based on Surrobody functional attributes directed at validated and high value targets.  This allows us to reduce the risk of the programs while capitalizing on the distinguishing features of Surrobodies.  Sea Lane is open to discussing our approach in these and other disease areas.  Click here to view our Pipeline.


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