Sea Lane Biotechnologies is Awarded Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Grants for Six Separate Programs
Grants total $1,466,875.50 to support Surrobody™ and antibody development


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, November 2, 2010 – Sea Lane Biotechnologies, LLC (Sea Lane) today announced the receipt of six grants under the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project, which was created by Congress as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, totaling almost $1.5MM.  The grants will support the development of several Surrobody™ therapeutic candidates across a range of disease areas as well as Sea Lane’s influenza antibodies.  Sea Lane projects were reviewed by the federal government and were found to meet the criteria of showing reasonable potential to result in new therapies to treat areas of unmet medical need; prevent, detect, or treat chronic or acute disease and conditions; reduce long-term healthcare costs in the U.S.; or significantly advance the goal of curing cancer within a 30-year period.


“We are very happy to have this external recognition of six of our programs and the strong potential for new drugs to result from our work,” said Lawrence Horowitz, MD, CEO of Sea Lane. 


“These grants will help us accelerate our development of these important therapeutics.”


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