ErbB3 Surrobody™ Program:


ErbB3 is an important regulator of tumorigenesis and is implicated in the development of treatment related-resistance. Sea Lane has identified novel ErbB3 inhibitors from our proprietary Surrobody libraries that block both cancer cell growth by ErbB3 ligand-based activation and activation by overexpression of partnered ErbB2 receptors. As a consequence of these unique properties these Surrobodies can inhibit tumor growth in vivo of both ErbB2‐overexpressing and non‐overexpressing cancer cells. Despite the fact that these Surrobodies target ErbB3 differently than other anti-ErB3 antibodies currently undergoing clinical testing, they retain all of the beneficial characteristics of this class of agents, including the ability to augment drugs that inhibit EGFR. As a result, we believe our ErbB3 Surrobodies show substantial promise and greater therapeutic potential than previously described anti-ErbB3 antibodies.


Some of the notable characteristics of our candidate are as follows:

• Binds human, rodent, and cyno versions of ErbB3 with high affinity
• High level transient expression in HEK293 and stable CHO cells
• Amenable to all industrial antibody production and purification methods and standards
• No inherent protein aggregation or fidelity issues
• Room temperature stability for >1 year
• High affintiy:




• Robust Efficacy In Vivo:




Additional information is available in our publication here or in our poster from the PEGS conference here.



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