Death Receptor 4/5 Dual Agonist Surrobody™ Program:


We have identified a unique dual agonist Surrobody capable of activating Death Receptors 4 and 5 that specifically kill tumor cells by programmed cell death while avoiding the decoy receptors that sequester the native ligand TRAIL.  Other antibodies currently undergoing clinical testing against these receptors are only capable of activating either Death Receptor 4 or 5 individually, which limits their overall utility. As a result of this dual Death Receptor agonist ability we believe the candidate Surrobody shows substantial promise and greater therapeutic potential than other single agents against either of the cytokine receptors.


Some of the notable characteristics of our candidate are as follows:

• Effective on human and cyno versions of both Death Receptors
• High level transient expression in HEK293 and stable CHO cells
• Amenable to all industrial antibody production and purification methods and standards
• No inherent protein aggregation or fidelity issues

• High affinity




• Robust Efficacy In Vivo:



Dosing: 3mg/kg biweekly between days 7-21

Results: 9 Complete Responses


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