ConCIRT Diversity and EnCORE Optimization:


ConCIRT Diversity:


Contextual Combinatorial Immune ReperToire: The patented ConCIRT system of diversity is modeled after the natural human immune system. Strict limitations on positional diversity ensure an accurate representation of well tolerated and useful amino acids at each position. The result is a repertoire that truly mirrors the human immune system and yet far surpasses its ability to produce physical biotherapuetics. The ConCIRT Diversity system powers both our antibody and Surrobody libraries.


EnCORE Optimization:


The ability to optimize biotherapeutics is critical to meeting the requirements of various parts of an organization from research to development to clinical. Molecules may lack species recognition to facilitate toxicology work or may be difficult to produce. Having several different molecules to choose from with slightly different characteristics can mean the difference between as successful program and a failure. The EnCORE Optimization system works hand-in-hand with the ConCIRT libraries to provide rapid, turn-key optimization for any need.


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