Bispecific Programs:


Because most disease progression is due to multiple factors, synergistic benefits are possible when two or more complementary treatment modalities are combined.  As such, bispecific/multispecific agents represent one of the most exciting and transformative frontiers for new therapeutic development in all areas of disease management. However, translating biologics into the bispecific realm has been burdensome.  Traditional bispecific antibody assembly is slowed because of the necessity of dealing with the complexity of combining four independent and unique variable immunoglobulin chains necessary to create two binding regions, often with unpredictable biologic and physical incompatibilities.  The Surrobody platform streamlines the discovery of highly compatible binding units that powers a very simple turnkey system that rapidly produces high quality bispecifics ready for biological testing and development using a fraction of the time and resources required of traditional antibodies.


Our lead bispecific program combines an anti-growth factor Surrobody with a complementary anti-ligand Surrobody into a single, highly potent molecule.  In mice, treatment of the colon cancer-derived Colo205 cells with the bispecific Surrobody showed significant advantages over either of the single agents and comparable activity to a cocktail mixture of those single agents.





Dosing: 5mg/kg biweekly for single agents and 10mg/kg for bispecific


For more information, please see our presentation at IBC's Antibody-Drug Conjugates, Bispecifics & Empowered Antibodies Summit August 8, 2012 here or contact us.

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